Reading recommendations during the coronavirus shutdown

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread through our communities, many families are spending extra time at home per the recommendation of most health professionals in order to slow down the spread of the virus as we seek to love our neighbors well. My family, in particular, has been under quarantine because of my wife’s chemotherapy treatments and compromised immune system. Being cooped up for an extended time can be challenging, especially if you or a loved one are sick.

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Trusting God during the temper tantrums

My wife and I have two boys under two years old, and our home feels a bit crazy. Our oldest has entered the “terrible twos,” where he demands what he wants and throws a tantrum if you don’t give in.

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A hymn that teaches us about human dignity

Most nights, my wife or I sing a short hymn to our son as we put him down to sleep. A couple gave my wife the idea, and we have loved implementing it.

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