The Age of AI

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions?

Is Clarence Thomas Right About Big Tech?

Yesterday, EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson and Faulkner University law professor Adam J. MacLeod published a thought-provoking article at National Review walking through some of the arguments that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made concerning online governance and content moderation in his concurrence released alongside the court’s decision on Biden vs. Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.

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The Disconnect of the Digital Life: How Social Media is Shaping Us and Can Impede Our Witness

Recently, I was reading a book and was really impressed by the scholar’s careful exposition, nuanced approach, and charitable engagement with their critics. Naturally in the age of social media, I decided to look up the author online and was surprised with what I found.

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Explainer: Justice Thomas and the Possibility of Reining in Big Tech

Last week was a particularly busy week for the technology industry at the nation’s highest court. First, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Google’s favor in a decadeslong court battle with Oracle over the use of certain software code to build the Android operating system.

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Why reading books you disagree with helps you grow

Amidst the constant distractions and shallowness on social media, reading a book can serve as a reprieve from the onslaught of information and as a way to challenge yourself to go deeper than 280 characters. Social media draws us in because it leads us to think we are staying connected with others, keeping up with what is going on around the world, and often takes less concentration than picking up a book.

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Why we need ethics to survive

Often when the secular world speaks of evangelicals, these Christians are caricatured as lacking education, social and historical awareness, and even a realistic understanding of the way the world actually works.

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David French on social media, free speech, and cultural division

There is no truly important political, cultural, legal, social, or religious force that is pulling Americans together more than it’s pushing Americans apart.

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A conversation with Dr. James Eglinton on science and culture

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