Following Jesus in a Digital Age

How is technology shaping your walk with Christ and how can Christians think wisely about our use of social media, the rise of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and the growing polarization in our increasingly digital society?

Five books for your summer reading list

Today is officially the first day of summer, even if it has been blazing hot in the South for the better part of two weeks. With grading done, papers (nearly) done, and a number of major conferences wrapped up, I…

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Who is My Neighbor?

One of the blessings of the digital age is that we can connect with and find information regarding places all around the world, almost instantaneously. We can learn about cultures, customs, and the beauty of God’s created order with a…

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Why a truncated vision of religious freedom is dangerous to the common good

One of the most respected evangelical intellectuals of the 20th century, Carl F.H. Henry, wrote, “If religious freedom is advocated only for pragmatic reasons, it can and will be sacrificed to expediency.” The cause of religious freedom is central to…

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How reading widely can strengthen your beliefs

Amidst the constant distractions and shallowness on social media, reading a book can serve as a reprieve from the onslaught of information and as a way to challenge yourself to…

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Free to Tweet? Content Moderation, Religious Freedom, and the Digital Public Square

“If religious freedom is advocated only for pragmatic reasons, it can and will be sacrificed to expediency.” Those words, spoken in 1983 by the late evangelical theologian and ethicist Carl F….

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The Sexual Revolution, the modern self, and cultural engagement

This is a transcription of the Digital Public Square podcast interview with Dr. Carl Trueman. Subscribe in your favorite podcast app to get new episodes each Monday morning or listen online….

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