The Age of AI

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions?

Should We Give Up Privacy to Fight Coronavirus?

Last fall, my wife was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had just recently finished her chemotherapy treatments. Because her immune system has been severely weakened, the COVID-19 threat to her health is potentially lethal. We decided to isolate well before the stay-at-home directives from state and local governments.

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What a Google commercial teaches us about the purpose of technology

Search bars are a technological marvel. Through them, we can search the limits of the world. We can see the seven wonders or learn of breaking news as it is happening.

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An ethical case for wearing a mask during this pandemic

Our nation and the wider world is experiencing a once in a lifetime generation-shifting moment. Throughout all of this social upheaval and global health crisis, some are beginning to protest the simple guidelines to wear a mask in public on theological grounds or even out of a sheer rebellious spirit.

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Thinking Biblically About Privacy in a World Ruled by AI

We live in a world of irony. We are willing to post some of the most intimate details and events of our lives online. We gladly sign up for freemium services, like social media and email, that require us to consent to various forms of data tracking in exchange for a free premium service.

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Why companies are trying to normalize pornography

Recently, a tweet by Netflix that read something like “What is something you can say during sex and while watching Netflix?” went viral.

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2 things to know about AI and the church

Probably one of the biggest questions I get when I talk about technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), is how to equip people in our churches to begin to think wisely about these innovations. Often when topics like AI, facial recognition, or privacy come up in conversation, many people react with glazed over eyes because these topics seem so far off and disconnected from our daily lives.

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How God is using technology during a pandemic for mission

As stay-at-home orders went into effect throughout our nation in March, I was encouraged to see many pastors take to social media. They sent video updates to their people about the shift to online services and digital discipleship.


Why Smart Devices Can Never Replace Human Connection

According to a 2019 report from NPR and Edison Research, about 53 million Americans own a smart speaker assistant. The consulting firm Ovum predicts that by 2021, there will be more than 7.5 billion of these digital assistants used throughout the world, which is nearly the same number of people living today.