The Age of AI

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Releasing March 3rd, 2020

What Google knows about being human

In our digital age, one thing that seems to mark the conclusion of every year is the abundance of “best of” lists making the rounds on the internet.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Change the Human Body as We Know It

In the fall of 2018, Elon Musk made headlines once again. This time it wasn’t about his commercial rocket company, SpaceX, or his popular electric car company, Tesla. During an interview with Axios, a popular news service, Musk, referencing Darwin’s theory of evolution, declared that humanity must merge with AI in order to avoid becoming like the monkeys, which humans surpassed in complexity and might.

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Toxic Culture and Human Dignity: Speaking Sanity into Christian Citizenship

From the debates over abortion and religious liberty to presidential elections and international conflicts, every day seems to bring about new battle lines and harden consciences.

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How the dreams of robot pastors reveal a deficiency in the church

My wife and I love our local church. But since my wife began her chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma late last fall, we haven’t been able to join on Sunday mornings for worship. Instead, we have the blessing of watching the Sunday sermon on our television while our toddlers run free in the playroom.

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Explainer: 5G Networks, China, and Huawei

It seems that everything about our lives is tied in some way to the internet and technology. Without these tools, our economy would be stifled, our national security would be weakened, and our communication with families and friends would be hampered.

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What a Google commercial teaches us about the purpose of technology

Search bars are a technological marvel. Through them, we can search the limits of the world. We can see the seven wonders or learn of breaking news as it is happening. We can find more information in seconds than most people in human history had access to in their lifetimes.

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