Following Jesus in a Digital Age

How is technology shaping your walk with Christ and how can Christians think wisely about our use of social media, the rise of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and the growing polarization in our increasingly digital society?

Expanding Our View Of Technology

My wife and I love our video doorbell, especially when we are traveling or someone comes to our door unexpectedly. Not only can we see who is there or when packages arrive (especially when I order more books to my…

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Yelp jumps into abortion politics – and hurts women searching for help with pregnancies

Yelp has chosen abortion activism over accuracy in its latest move. The technology company announced last month that it would recategorize pregnancy resource centers and other faith-based medical clinics on their platforms to distinguish them from abortion clinics. However, the…

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Leading Your Church in a Digital Age

People may spend five to six hours a week hearing from God’s Word, worshiping our triune God with the church, or in community with fellow believers. Compared to those five to six hours, their phones and devices are with them…

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Why the (mis)labeling of pregnancy resource centers on Yelp needs to be corrected

Yelp announced last week that, in light of the historic Dobbs v. Jackson Whole Woman’s Health case at the U.S. Supreme Court and the continued push by many in society…

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The Centrality of Ethics in Christian Discipleship

One of the (many) ongoing debates within the Church today centers around the usefulness of worldview studies and how we are to think about the nature of the Christian life. Some rightfully see that a key element of the Christian worldview is having the right beliefs about God, ourselves, and the world around us as revealed by Scripture.

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What is the goal of the Christian ethic?

Over the summer, I was reading Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Justice: Rights and Wrongs and was struck by something he said about the moral vision of Scripture. Often when we teach ethics…

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