The Age of AI

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions?

What does Christian ethics have to do with global affairs?

One of my favorite email newsletters I read is from The Economist. It has become a go-to resource for world news. Each morning, they send a rundown called the Espresso. It highlights stories from other countries that many U.S.-based news…

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What does the image of God have to do with the pro-life movement?

Years ago, I was talking with a fellow Christian ethicist about various aspects of social ethics (moral reflection on societal, structural, and communal issues) and it struck me that he never spoke much about the doctrine of the imago Dei,…

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Content moderation can’t stop another January 6th​

Just over a year ago, a rogue group of protestors launched a violent assault on the United States Capitol, stoked by misinformation and a lie of a stolen election from those entrusted to lead us. That underlying problem of confusion…

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4 ethical issues in technology to watch for in 2022

For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to highlight some of the top ethical issues in technology to be aware of as we begin a new year….

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Roundup of Top Conversations from 2021

I started the Digital Public Square podcast (formerly WeeklyTech) back in April 2020 with the hopes of furthering the conversation in the Church on the pressing issues of theology, ethics,…

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Roundup of Top Articles of 2021

As we begin this Advent season, I always find it helpful to look back over the previous year and think about the various ways that the Lord has blessed me…

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Conversations on theology, ethics, and philosophy in the public square


A conversation with Dr. Matthew Emerson on renewal in the Baptist tradition

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Matt Emerson, co-executive director of the Center for Baptist Renewal and editor of Baptists and the Christian Tradition: Towards and Evangelical Baptist…


A conversation with Chelsea Sobolik on the ERLC’s public policy priorities for 2022

In this episode, I am joined by my ERLC colleague Chelsea Sobolik who serves as our director of public policy in Washington, DC. Today, we talk about the ERLC’s public…