The Digital Public Square

Each day we are confronted with the realities of living in a digital society that challenge some of our most basic understandings of truth, the nature of faith, and even the idea of a public square. How do we chart our a distinctly Christian vision for digital engagement and promote the common good throughout our society?

Why Christians must pursue biblically defined justice

Years ago, as my wife and I were renovating our house, we met an African American gentleman who came to help with one of our projects. We welcomed him into our home and left him to do his work. After…

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Why the Christian ethic isn’t simply about rules

Often when Christians (and even non-Christians) speak about biblical ethics, we tend to focus on the rules that Scripture gives us. For example, we think of the Ten Commandments in which the second half begins with “you shall not _______.”…

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Big news for the Thacker family

As many of you likely saw this past Friday, Boyce College and Southern Seminary announced my recent appointment as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics. I am thrilled to join this faculty as we seek to train up the next generation…

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What does the image of God have to do with social ethics?

Years ago, I was talking with a fellow Christian ethicist about various aspects of social ethics (moral reflection on societal, structural, and communal issues) and it struck me that he…

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How a post-truth society is vulnerable to misinformation and conspiracy theories

We are frequently faced with the realities of misinformation, disinformation, fake news, and conspiracy theories. Social media has opened up a new world of connectivity and access to information. But…

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How do we disciple our kids during the sexual revolution?

Last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Rep.) signed a bill into law that bars instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through the third grade. This bill, which was dubbed…

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Conversations on theology, ethics, and philosophy in the public square


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