The Digital Public Square

by Jason Thacker
B&H Academic, 2023

Each day we are confronted with the realities of living in a digital society that challenge some of our most basic understandings of truth, the nature of faith, and even the idea of a public square with a robust discourse over issues that matter. From the challenges of conspiracy theories and claims of Big Tech censorship to the growing dangers of hate speech and increased tribalism online, the new digital public square is becoming increasingly tense and at times it feels irreparably broken. Faced with deep polarization across society that is only exacerbated by the ubiquitous nature of digital connectivity, it is difficult at times for Christians to know how to navigate these challenges with truth and grace.

But these challenges often reveal deeper tension over the nature of ethics and the role of religion in our society, especially in our online discourse. Some claim religion has no role to play in public matters at all, while others understand the public nature of faith and religion. The Digital Public Square brings together top Christian leaders and thinkers to help you navigate these pressing challenges with robust public theology grounded in God’s unchanging word and the hope of the gospel message.

With issues ranging from conspiracy theories, sexual ethics, religious freedom, privacy, hate speech, and more, The Digital Public Square is designed to equip theologians, ethicists, pastors, and lay leaders cast a distinctly Christian vision for digital engagement and promote the common good throughout our society.