Trusting God during the temper tantrums

My wife and I have two boys under two years old, and our home feels a bit crazy. Our oldest has entered the “terrible twos,” where he demands what he wants and throws a tantrum if you don’t give in. It really is overwhelming when you hear your kids screaming for extended periods of time. The temptation to give in is strong. Despite the chaos at times, we love both our boys more than I can express and wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

The reality is that parenting isn’t the most glamorous, nor does it fit with the Instagram or Facebook family you see online. It is easy to think that we are the only ones having these problems because of how we tend to project our best self on social media.

As we move into the new year, we will encounter new challenges and opportunities in our parenting. Trusting God during these times will be difficult, but trusting God in the hard times is what it means to truly trust him. We must believe him when things are hard and seem to be falling apart, not just when everything is going the way we want.

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