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Conversations on theology, ethics, and philosophy in the public square


3 Steps Families Should Take to Teach Kids About Artificial Intelligence

As my wife and I parent our two young sons, we see a world that is increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence (AI). Our boys will not just grow up with dreams of robot maids and space toys, they will grow up alongside AI-empowered devices like our Apple HomePod and even better AI yet to come.


A solid foundation for navigating the ethics of big tech

There isn’t much that Americans seem to agree on these days. Even as COVID-19 brought some national unity, we are beginning to see the fraying of American society once again.


Announcing the new WeeklyTech podcast

I am excited to announce the new WeeklyTech podcast that will release each Monday morning alongside the WeeklyTech newsletter. This new ERLC podcast is dedicated to educating and equipping you…