Announcing the new WeeklyTech podcast

I am excited to announce the new WeeklyTech podcast that will release each Monday morning alongside the WeeklyTech newsletter. This new ERLC podcast is dedicated to educating and equipping you to navigate the issues surrounding technology with the hope of the gospel.

Each week we will focus on one big story that we will dig into and see how Christians can think wisely about it. Then the Rundown will highlight 4-5 news stories connected to technology that you should be aware of for the week ahead.

We hope this podcast will serve you well in the midst of a busy and often hectic schedule by providing insight and depth. Coming soon we will also launch special interview episodes with leaders from across culture to talk about how technology is affecting each of our lives.

You can find WeeklyTech on your favorite podcasting app, such as Apple iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Tune in next Monday, April 27th!

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