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Kids and Privacy

As parents, we tend to share things online about our children without much thought.

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The value of our bodies

A couple of weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from a new book by neuroscientist and psychologist Michael S.A. Graziano, who teaches at Princeton University, titled Rethinking Consciousness: A Scientific Theory of Subjective Experience.

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China and technology

The rise of the new Chinese state under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has been a predominant force in the conversation surrounding technological innovation, economic development, and basic human freedoms.

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Xi Jinping and the Power of Technology in China

The Chinese experiment of balancing freedom and control is playing out right before our eyes and will hopefully illuminate a better and more free path forward for the rest of the world as we embrace the benefits of technological innovation and lift high the concept of human dignity for all people.

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AI and War

Increasingly in new drone and surveillance systems, human knowledge and actions are augmented and soon might be sidelined altogether.

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Jason Thacker Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics

Jason serves as assistant professor of philosophy and ethics at Boyce College and a research fellow in Christian ethics at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is the author or editor of several books, including "Following Jesus in a Digital Age" and "The Digital Public Square: Christian Ethics in a Technological Society."