WeeklyTech #166

3 top technology issues to watch in 2023

Since 2020, I have sought to write about some of the top technology issues to be aware of and how we as Christians can address them in light of the Christian moral tradition rooted in the love of God and love of neighbor. There have been a couple prevailing themes over the years centered on the ways that technology is shaping us as people—namely our understanding of ourselves and those around us—and how we as a society are to think through the power it holds in our lives.

Already, it seems 2023 is going to be an interesting year as we deal with an onslaught of emerging technologies like advanced AI systems and virtual reality, as well as continue to navigate pressing challenges of digital privacy and the role of faith in the digital public square.

The Rundown

Men Need Purpose More Than ‘Respect’ by David French | The New York Times

This month, the popular conservative podcaster Matt Walsh tweeted a thought that rapidly went viral, with approximately 18 million views. “All a man wants,” he wrote, “is to come home from a long day at work to a grateful wife and children who are glad to see him, and dinner cooking on the stove. This is literally all it takes to make a man happy. We are simple. Give us this and you will have given us nearly everything we need.”

Here’s Your Assignment by David I. Smith | Christian Scholars Review

The meaning of our teaching takes shape amid a culture that offers more pressure toward getting things done than toward deep reflection. Some have noted an internalized “completion bias” that ties satisfaction to task completion to the extent that checking off a few trivial tasks at the start of each day can increase overall motivation and satisfaction.2 Easier tasks that offer a quicker sense of completion become a more appealing target for mental resources than more challenging and complex endeavors.

Fourth flying object shot down, this time in Michigan by Sareen Habeshian | Axios

Another unidentified object has been shot down in the U.S. — this time by an F-16 jet over Michigan’s Lake Huron at the direction of President Biden, the Pentagon said Sunday.

Who would ChatGPT vote for? by Sam Klebanov | Morning Brew

After weeks of asking ChatGPT questions like “What would a discussion of quantum physics between Kim Kardashian and SpongeBob sound like?”, some users now have a more consequential query for the AI: Would you vote Democrat?

Congress’ new push to protect kids online by Ashely Gold | Axios

Protecting children’s safety online is back on Congress’ agenda as a number of states rush to pass their own bills that would force tech companies to change how they design products for younger users.

Video: A Conversation with Dr. Robert P. George | Southern Seminary

Video conversation hosted by Dr. Andrew T. Walker at the Bookstore at Southern between Dr. Robert George of Princeton and Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. of SBTS.