Introducing the Digital Public Square Podcast

The digital age promised deep connections, rich communication, and more access to information than we could ever imagine. Many thought that technology would bring about a freer and more open public square to dialogue and debate some of the most important social, moral, and political issues of our day.

But while technology has brought incredible benefits and conveniences into our lives, it also has led to a host of unintended consequences and deep ethical challenges that push us to consider how to live out our faith in the public square.

It is no surprise that the public square has become more divided and polarized in recent years. In an increasingly secularized society, many simply believe that faith shouldn’t play a role in our public life but as Christians we know that our faith is central to all of life.

This is why the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is relaunching WeeklyTech as the Digital Public Square podcast. Starting next week, I will be joined by some of our society’s most influential thinkers and leaders to talk about the pressing issues of theology, ethics, and philosophy in the public square.

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Digital Public Square Podcast with Jason Thacker

Conversations on theology, ethics, and philosophy in the public square


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