A conversation with Michael Sacasas on technology, philosophy, and kids

Michael Sacasas, Associate Director for Educational Programming at the Christian Study Center of Gainesville, joins me to talk about the philosophy of technology and some of the most influential thinkers and writers in this area from the past.

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Meet Michael Sacasas:

Michael Sacasas earned his MA in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in 2002. He was later a doctoral candidate at the University of Central Florida studying the relationship between technology and society with a particular focus on the work of Hannah Arendt. Along the way he has taught in a variety of settings, served as a school administrator, and written extensively on technology and society. He is an Associate Fellow in Ethics and Culture at the Greystone Theological Institute and, for three years, directed Greystone’s Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology. 

Connect with Michael:


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