A conversation with Dr. Carter Snead on public bioethics and the nature of humanity

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. O. Carter Snead, Professor of Law and the director of the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame. Today, we talk about his latest book, “What It Means to be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics.” 

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Meet Dr. Snead:

Professor Snead is one of the world’s leading experts on public bioethics. His research explores issues relating to neuroethics, enhancement, human embryo research, assisted reproduction, abortion, and end-of-life decision-making. He has written more than 50 journal articles, book chapters, and essays. His scholarly works appear in such publications as the New York University Law Review, the Harvard Law Review Forum, the Vanderbilt Law Review, Constitutional Commentary, and others. 


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