A Student’s Guide to Social Media

by Jason Thacker
Christian Focus, January 2023

A wise guide to the best way to engage with social media for young adults.

Social media is a tool that can be good. It can connect us with friends and family with an immediacy that previous generations could only wonder at. But it can also be used unwisely. Whether it’s harsh words, regrettable posts, or excessive scrolling, we should think about how God wants us to engage with social media. What does the Bible teach us? Jason Thacker’s helpful guide will help students explore the wisest ways to use social media.

A wise man once explained that we create our tools - like mobile phones, apps, and social media - and they later return the favour. To use social media et al well, it is crucial that you understand how they will attempt to shape your heart, mind, and soul.
- Tim Challies, Author and Blogger
Jason Thacker is one of today's foremost experts on ethics and technology. Here, Thacker helps youth grow in wisdom; giving them a clear framework for thinking theologically and acting ethically in their increasingly confusing online social world.
- Jared Kennedy, Author and Editor at The Gospel Coalition
Students often ask, ‘where do I start?’ when attempting to comprehend and navigate the challenges of our digital age. A Student’s Guide to Social Media provides a solid launching point to understanding the difficulties of the digital age and how to faithfully navigate them while remaining rooted in the Christian faith.
- Katie Frugé, Director of Center for Cultural Engagement & The Christian Life Commission, Baptist General Convention of Texas