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Justice and technology

In the aftermath of a tragic event like what took place at the United States Capitol on January 6th, we naturally turn from doomscrolling and longing for answers to a focused quest on pursuing justice for the wrongs committed. Humanity has an innate sense of justice, not solely based on what we believe is right or wrong but more importantly on how God has created us in his image and wired us as his creatures to reflect him.

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Toward a public theology for a technological age

This past week a couple of news stories caught my attention surrounding the way that technology companies interact around the world, often wielding significant power over issues traditionally under the purview of local governments and jurisdictions.

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How social media has aided the disintegration of our public discourse

In the midst of a crisis, such as the attempted coup at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, we naturally long for answers. If you are anything like me, you likely doomscrolled most of the day and night, hoping to grasp what just took place and what it means for our future as a nation.

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What is a Christian’s Responsibility in a Technological Age?

When we experience a new technology or innovation, we often believe the ethical challenges we encounter are brand new and may even require a novel way of doing ethics.

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Understanding Twitter suspensions and the need for consistent policies

On Friday evening, January 8, Twitter officially suspended the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, from its platform for violating its stated community policies related to inciting violence and spreading false information.

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Jason Thacker Chair of Research in Technology Ethics

Jason serves as chair of research in technology ethics at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is the author of "The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity" with Zondervan (March 2020). He is married to Dorie and they have two sons.