WeeklyTech #147

The Centrality of Ethics in Christian Discipleship

A quick look at church history shows that when doctrinal beliefs are compromised, it leads to countless dangers and a watering down of Christian truth in hopes of accommodating more popular and culturally acceptable beliefs. Thankfully, many have sought to bolster the teaching and preaching of God’s Word throughout the years and to inculcate a love of theology in our churches, seminaries, and on the mission field. Theology matters, but is simply having the right beliefs really enough to sustain the fullness of the Christian life?

One of the (many) ongoing debates within the Church today centers around the usefulness of worldview studies and how we are to think about the nature of the Christian life. Some rightfully see that a key element of the Christian worldview is having the right beliefs about God, ourselves, and the world around us as revealed by Scripture. Often, this is seen in the high emphasis placed on studying theology throughout the Christian life.

Juxtaposed to this emphasis on right doctrine and belief are those who seek to emphasize the priority of our “loves” and seek to give attention to our actions and practices. Proponents of this line of thinking argue that worldview studies is traditionally overly rationalistic and propositional, focusing exclusively on having the right beliefs to the neglect of our hearts and practice. These thinkers are often challenged by the first group saying that they focus too much on the experiential aspects of life; emphasizing our experiences and habits is too person-centric, which takes the focus off the transcendent and rational truths of Christianity.

The Rundown

The latest social media misinformation: Abortion reversal pills – Rebecca Kern and Ruth Reader | Politico

Social media companies are grappling with a flood of misinformation on an unexpected topic since Roe v. Wade was overturned: Posts promoting “abortion reversal pills.”

Singapore to Repeal Ban on Sex Between Consenting Men – Richard C. Paddock | New York Times

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore said on Sunday that the government would repeal the country’s colonial-era law criminalizing sex between men, a step long sought by gay rights advocates, but that it would propose a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Streaming surpasses cable as top way to consume TV – Sara Fischer | Axios

Streaming has officially topped cable as the most popular method by which Americans consume television content, according to new data from Nielsen. Just as cable’s victory over broadcast ushered in waves of change to U.S. media, streaming’s rise will continue to bring new businesses and cultural forces to the fore.

Arkansas senator agrees to unblock atheist constituents on Twitter and Facebook – Alejandra Molina | Religion News Service

Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert will have to unblock his atheist constituents from his social media accounts as part of a settlement the national organization American Atheists said it reached with the state.

ERLC, others promote way for Afghans to gain permanent status – Tom Strode | Baptist Press

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has joined other evangelical Christian organizations on the occasion of the first anniversary of Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban in calling on Congress to enable Afghans evacuated to the United States to seek permanent residency.