WeeklyTech #142

Who is My Neighbor?

One of the blessings of the digital age is that we can connect with and find information regarding places all around the world, almost instantaneously. We can learn about cultures, customs, and the beauty of God’s created order with a few short swipes on our phones or devices. Alongside these wonders, we can also learn about natural disasters, wars, crimes, and a host of other things as they happen. While there are many dangerous and deleterious effects to this level of information overload, Christians can also embrace certain aspects of our information age and leverage it for good, especially on the international stage. 

One danger of this digital age is social media’s ability to redirect our attention in unhelpful ways. Because of the endless amount of knowledge and the overall tone online, we sometimes become desensitized to world events, with one tragedy supplanting the previous one at breakneck speed, or enraged by what’s going on nationally, all while forgetting the circumstances in our own backyard. Working for the good of our local communities is imperative—it is likely where we are able to make the most difference. 

The Rundown

Redefining Conservatism To Remake America – Peter Berkowitz | The Washington Free Beacon

The New Right’s intellectual leaders are not the first, even within the post-World War II American conservative movement, to demand purity in the ranks; denounce infidels, heretics, and apostates; and cast out the weak of spirit and the impure of heart and mind. 

How “LGB” led to “T” – Andrew Walker | WORLD

We told you that denying the conjugal relationship of male and female as the boundaries for marriage’s definition would lead to the overall unraveling of society’s most basic institution and eventually to human nature itself.

Is the Lesser of Two Evils the Right Question? – Dana Hall McCain | ERLC

In a world that seems more opposed to the teachings of Scripture by the day, Christians frequently face a slate of choices, all of which fail to meet God’s standards of righteousness in some way. How do we cope with a world that repeatedly asks us to choose between the lesser of two evils?

Against Gun Idolatry – David French | The Dispatch

It’s certainly not the case every time a politician publicly shoots a gun that they’re exhibiting a gun fetish, but the sheer prevalence of the open display of firearms (and not just any firearm, but the AR-15 specifically) illustrates that something has changed.

The Unseen Scars of those who Kill via Remote Control – Dave Philipps | The New York Times

Capt. Kevin Larson was one of the best drone pilots in the U.S. Air Force. Yet as the job weighed on him and untold others, the military failed to recognize its full impact. After a drug arrest and court martial, he fled into the California wilderness.

Axon Announces TASER Drone Development to Address Mass Shootings – Axon

Axon, the global leader in connected public safety technologies, announced it has formally begun development of a non-lethal, remotely-operated TASER drone system as part of a long-term plan to stop mass shootings, and reaffirmed it is committed to public engagement and dialogue during the development process.

***Make sure to read this response from Axon’s AI ethics board​​​​​​​ about this announcement