WeeklyTech #126

What is going on between Russia and Ukraine?

Over the last few months, tensions have mounted on the border between Russia and Ukraine. This has led to international coverage of this conflict because of the countries involved, the potential toll of an invasion, and the role of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in global affairs. The situation is dire and extremely volatile at the moment, where it seems at any point Russia may decide to invade the nation of Ukraine, leading to a full-scale military and humanitarian crisis. Details of this situation change rapidly with each passing moment, but below is what we know so far about this international conflict and why Christians should be paying attention to the situation.

The Rundown

IRS face recognition program raises hackles – Ina Fried | Axios

The IRS’ move to require some taxpayers to use facial recognition to identify themselves is reigniting a debate over how the government should use such technology.

China hires western TikTokers to polish its image during 2022 Winter Olympics – Vincent Ni | The Guardian

An army of western social media influencers, each with hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok, Instagram or Twitch, is set to spread positive stories about China throughout next month’s Winter Olympics.

US athletes told to use burner phones at Beijing Winter Olympics – Emma Roth | The Verge

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee is telling athletes to ditch their personal phones for burners ahead of next month’s Winter Olympics in China, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Exclusive: Adobe’s effort to catch deep fakes hits key milestone – Ina Fried | Axios

As part of its effort to fight deepfakes, a coalition of tech companies co-led by Adobe has finalized the details for a standard way to verify how a photo or video was captured and to document any subsequent edits.

Why You Need a Sabbath from Your Tech – Tony Reinke | Crossway

We may always work with machines, but we must never become machines. The human body is remarkable in similarities to an efficient machine, but we are physical beings with finite limitations and eternal souls. We process slower than supercomputers, but that’s no flaw in our design.