Should your church use facial recognition?

You may read that headline and wonder how in the world someone could ask that question when many churches are still not able to meet in person or are having hybrid services to cut down on the spread of COVID-19.

Technologies like facial recognition seem like such a far off dream that you likely haven’t even considered the possibility of using it in your church or ministry.

But in light of the questions concerning regathering together as the church, social distancing, security, health risks, and even new member assimilation, there will be increasing pressure on church leaders to implement these types of tracking tools to keep people safe and connected.

Prior to the pandemic, there were a few companies, such as Churchix, offering facial recognition technology (FRT) to churches by promoting it as a tool for better member assimilation and attendance tracking.

Pastors and ministry leaders are always seeking to better connect people to the life of their church, and to some it only makes sense to use tools, like FRT, in this way.