3 Steps Families Should Take to Teach Kids About Artificial Intelligence

As my wife and I parent our two young sons, we see a world that is increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence (AI). Our boys will not just grow up with dreams of robot maids and space toys, they will grow up alongside AI-empowered devices like our Apple HomePod and even better AI yet to come.

Seemingly every day I see ads for new personalized robots powered by AI. For example, a new home robot, Vector, was released a few months ago. “Meet Vector, the good robot. The robot who hangs out and helps out,” reads the company’s website.

The future is progressing so fast that it is hard to keep up as parents. We feel overwhelmed with the rate of technological innovation and often fearful of what technology will do to our kids. But our role is not to shelter our kids from the world but to disciple them as they grow in wisdom and maturity. So where do we start? How do we teach our kids about stuff that is new to us?