(Fake) Sex in a Technological Age

Author’s note: The topic and examples in this section are sexually explicit. I leave certain details vague and ask that you not search for these things online.

The world’s first sex robot debuted in fall 2018 to much fanfare. Many joined waiting lists to purchase this AI-equipped doll from Abyss Creations. The doll, named Harmony X, was one of the first AI-empowered sex dolls on the market.

Each doll has silicone bodies that are highly customizable with upgradable body parts and hyperrealistic features. The dolls are designed so that customers can choose their perfect “companion” and upgrade them as they see fit. The company claims that this product provides a form of companionship, a way for men never to be lonely again. It should be noted that the female version of these sex dolls debuted first, and at the time of this writing, the company had announced the male version of the robot only as “coming soon.” This shows that the company knows their primary market. They’re targeting men because they know that primarily men are susceptible to these forms of sexual temptations.

The X models also include an AI-empowered robotic head that allows users to interact with the doll in real-time using the company’s mobile app. Users choose personality traits, voices, and even the accents of their dolls. The app also allows users to change between various characters and profiles, in case they get bored or want to spice up their sex robots. With the push of a few buttons and by peeling off a silicone face, a person can have a completely different sex partner. The new robotic head can also be attached to earlier models of sex dolls from Abyss Creations, making older sex dolls into sex robots, too. The company also has a mobile app for those without the robotic head who might want to test out their new invention.