WeeklyTech #27

4 technology issues to watch out for in 2020

The new year has already been a blur in many ways. From an international crisis to the continued focus on the presidential election this fall, 2020 has the potential to be a history-making year. But another set of stories that should capture our attention are those focused on the continued rise of technology and the influence it exerts on our daily lives. These tools have an outsized influence on how we communicate with one another, the type and quality of information we receive, and even how our economy and governments function.

At the beginning of what seems to be another consequential year, it is wise to be reminded of some of the most important technology stories and how they are shaping our public square. While we aren’t able to predict some of the most important technological developments that are to come, here are four major technology issues that each of us need to be aware of as we seek to honor God and love our neighbor in 2020.

Interesting technology stories

Facebook sticking with policies on politicians’ lies and voter targetingPolitico

The social media company is announcing steps to give users more control over the ads they see. But it did not back down on allowing candidates to spout falsehoods, despite months of criticism from Democrats.

Old Musicians Never Die. They Just Become Holograms.New York Times Magazine

Companies are making plans to put droves of departed idols on tour — reanimating a live-music industry whose biggest earners will soon be dying off.

YouTube overhauls advertising, data collection on kids content The Washington Post

YouTube said Monday it is rolling out new protections for children viewing videos on its site, an effort to satisfy federal regulators who last year fined the company tens of millions of dollars over alleged privacy violations.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Identify Thousands of Unknown Civil War SoldiersTIME

The three men had different Civil War stories, but they also had something in common: like many who fought during that conflict, they were photographed in uniform.