How Is Technology Changing Democracy?

with Josh Wester

As you begin your day, you likely check your email, social media accounts, various app notifications, and even breaking news alerts that came in as you slept. Every morning most of us encounter the onslaught of innovation before we even have our first cup of coffee. We live in an unprecedented time of technological innovation that is often masked by the ubiquity of these digital tools in our lives. And the sheer pace of change can be overwhelming, even for the most technologically savvy among us. It is easy to lament the changes technology has ushered in over the last few decades. Scrolling our social media feeds, we encounter “fake news,” cancel culture, and jeremiads about our fragmenting democracy, all within a few tweets in our timelines. But as with every era of technological innovation, these new tools reveal unforeseen possibilities for human flourishing as well as the possibility of breakdown in society.