WeeklyTech #17

How the Internet is Weakening our Language

By Tim Scheiderer

The statistics are truly astounding. American adults are now spending more than 11 hours a day consuming media. This includes reading, watching, listening to, and interacting with media. Four of the 11 hours are spent with their digital best friend, a smart phone or a tablet. And 21% of adults say they are constantly on the “digital leash.” Forty-five percent of teens say their eyes are always glued to their phones. On average, young people spend nearly nine hours online per day.   

Interesting technology stories

How Photos of Your Kids Are Powering Surveillance Technology – The New York Times

One day in 2005, a mother in Evanston, Ill., joined Flickr. She uploaded some pictures of her children, Chloe and Jasper. Then she more or less forgot her account existed. Years later, their faces are in a database that’s used to test and train some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems in the world.

Space Companies Are Investing Big in 5G Technology – Space.com

Space companies worldwide want to bring more data to your devices, faster than ever before. Entities ranging from SpaceX to Amazon are launching (or may launch soon) huge numbers of new satellites that can carry the extra bandwidth. And cellular network providers around the world are upgrading their equipment on the ground to meet the expected future demand.

Drones, Apps and Smart Lockers: The Technology Transforming Healthcare in Africa – CNN Business

Sub-Saharan Africa has, on average, the worst healthcare in the world, according to the World Bank. Infrastructure is poor, making access to even the most basic medical care difficult. But new technologies — from drones to apps and computer-controlled vending machines — are helping to break down these barriers and provideaccess to vital medicines for many more people.