2 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Our Families

Here is an excerpt from my latest piece at Facts and Trends:

“You’re using a new revolutionary piece of technology each day and might not even know it. I’m not talking about your smartphone or even the newest wearable device. I’m not talking about the latest laptop computer or even the tablet you just purchased. One of the most revolutionary technologies you encounter each day is artificial intelligence, and it is changing everything about your life and family. Let me explain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a form of technology where a computer is programmed to accomplish a certain set of goals on its own. AI is commonly defined as the ability for a computer to process, evaluate, and even “think”.

AI can be programmed to perform a number of everyday tasks ranging from monitoring your home via smart home systems, like my family’s Nest thermostat, to an AI-empowered algorithm that determines what you see in your social media feeds each time you scroll down.

Artificial intelligence is especially helpful for marketers because it allows micro-targeting of ads and products. It drives the “what to watch next” feature on popular video platforms and also what shows up in the “just for you” sections on the websites of many online retailers.

AI is able to sift through massive amounts of data and recognizes patterns useful to companies that are often missed by the human eye. AI is everywhere and it’s driving our world.

You actually interact and use artificial intelligence every single day as you engage with your devices because almost everything we own these days is considered “smart” or artificially intelligent to some extent.”

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